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Our goal is to make your building experience as stress-free as possible, and Sullivan Construction will be with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on a no pressure, hands on approach to building and remodeling.

Discovery Meeting

Our initial meeting where we learn about each other and your project.

Site Visit

Our chance to walk the property with you before entering the feasibility stage.

Feasibility Study

Our chance to analyze all aspects of your project including. Here we explore what is possible and what is viable.

Rough Budget and Cost Plus vs. Fixed Price

We will put together an initial rough budget based on our meetings to date. From here we will decide on a cost plus or fixed price building contract.

Cost Plus

The project’s total expenses are estimated but the final price is determined at the project’s end.


When working with a cost-plus contract, the homeowner agrees to pay the contractor the cost of material and labor plus a predetermined percentage of profit. A cost-plus contract functions like a “pay-as-you-go” system. The contractor agrees to provide ongoing services and purchase products and materials for the project.


In exchange, the homeowner reimburses the contractor for their expenses and pays them an additional amount for labor and material profit.


Fixed Price

A fixed-price contract is a contract in which the price is agreed upon before construction begins. With a fixed-price contract, the contractor agrees to perform the scope of work defined by the contract. This is typically accompanied by a complete set of designs. In exchange, the homeowner agrees to pay the contractor a fixed sum of money for the completion of the work.

Within our fixed-price contracts you will have several “Allowance” categories which will give you some flexibility in your budget. An allowance is a specific amount of money included in your construction budget which is allocated to be spent on a specific item or service, the cost of which has not yet been determined.

Pre-Construction Contract

The pre-construction contract is a formal contract between the builder and their clients detailing the pre-planning services the builder will perform and what the associated costs will be. This fee will vary deboning on the complexity of the project.

Typical Pre-Planning Services

  • Building design and working with architects.​

  • Coordinating structural design with engineers

  • Coordinating with energy engineers and HVAC design

  • Coordinating with lenders if financing is involved.

  • High-Performance considerations      

  • Permitting

  • Scheduling

  • Final Budget

Construction Contract and Begin Construction

Once the contract is signed, we will get documents to the lender and coordinate any of their requests if financing is involved. It is finally time to begin construction!

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